On this week’s podcast, Heather Sidorowicz joins us from Hamburg, NY, where she is owner of Southtown Audio Video, Western New York’s premier audio-visual company. Heather is a Residential Tech Today contributing writer and former CEDIA board member. Today, during her third Residential Tech Talks appearance, Heather shares her favorite discoveries from last week’s InfoComm trade show, a convention that is primarily focused on the commercial AV integration market. InfoComm is a great place for integration companies, like Heather’s, that do both light commercial installations and home projects to learn about new products and technologies that, yes, will fit into commercial-market-oriented projects, but also might someday make their way into high-end homes, as well. Heather is also our resident health tech wearables reporter, so we will also catch up on her latest experiences with that tech, as well.

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