On this week’s podcast, Silicon Labs’ and Z-Wave Alliance’s Mitchell Klein and Building 36’s Mariusz Malkowski on help unpack everything you need to know about Matter, the new name for the interoperable, secure connectivity standard for the future of the smart home. The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance, recently announced the name change. This new technology and royalty-free connectivity standard enables communications among a wide range of smart devices. Matter is also a seal of approval, assuring that any object built on this standard is reliable by nature, secure by design, and compatible at scale. What does this rollout of Matter mean for other popular smart home protocols like Z-Wave? How does Matter differ from Z-Wave? How is it similar? What about the existing Z-Wave devices on the market? How will Matter impact them?

Learn more about Matter at www.silabs.com/wireless/matter and Z-Wave at z-wavealliance.org

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