On this week’s podcast, Tayloe Stansbury joins us from Mountainview, CA, where he serves as chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape, the manufacturer of premium movie servers and movie players. A longtime Kaleidescape customer before joining the company, Tayloe was appointed CEO in late 2020, after serving in executive roles at Watermark Insights, Intuit, and Ariba. Last week, Kaleidescape announced a new strategic partnership with Keith Yates Design, the theater design and acoustical engineering firm for many Hollywood filmmakers. Kaleidescape is working with KYD to build a new Movie Lab at its corporate headquarters that, when complete, will be used by the Kaleidescape content team to ensure that all movies released from its movie store continue to deliver a reference-quality experience. In this conversation, we’ll learn more about this new facility, how the company’s product line is shaping up, and also preview Jeremy’s article about his personal experience living with a Kaleidescape system.

Read Jeremy’s review of Kaleidescape here: https://restechtoday.com/bringing-kaleidescape-home-for-a-demo/

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