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The Mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire smart home industry leaders and enthusiasts by celebrating innovations in the science, technology, strategies, and personalities driving this industry forward.

How do we do that?

We build lasting partnerships with innovative brands to bring our audience value and help build our partners’ businesses in the process.


The industry leaders on the rapidly changing landscape.


Professional and DIY innovations in the space.


The conversations between manufacturers, integrators, and consumers.


How people view the world and use smart home technologies.

Proven Experience and a Fresh Approach


Home technology is a $14 billion industry. Consumer demand and commercial innovation is exploding, and there’s no one place where manufacturers, designers, integrators, and DIYers can stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and best practices … until now.

Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki, founding editor of Residential Systems and CEDIA Fellow, combined his 20+ years of experience with the high-profile, fresh perspective of the Innovation & Tech Today team to injecting much needed energy into the smart home market.

Residential Tech Today is the only smart home publication that merges the news and best practices industry leaders need to be competitive with the innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and product reviews consumers crave.

Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Innovation & Tech Today team has built a great platform to address the needs of various target audiences and we’ve found their properties an effective way to educate dealers and consumers about our offerings.  As their name reflects, they’re also very innovative about recommending solutions that hit our target objectives. – Petro Shimonishi, URC

At Savant, we appreciate that the team at Residential Tech Today can reach a vital audience with thoughtful, well-articulated editorial content across all of our product categories. This enables us to bring new product news as well as timely, innovative ideas to our integration partners and represents real value for the entire CI channel. – Alexandria Watson, Savant

Working with the InnoTech team has brought a synergy and a definite upswing in business opportunity.  From the beginning,  their enthusiasm has been contagious, and has helped generate ideas that enhance our brand visibility and image. We find the entire InnoTech team to be enthusiastic, flexible, helpful, and knowledgeable.  We are proud to advertise in such a quality magazine. – Steven E. Schulz, Modulus Media Systems

The Strategy

Residential Tech Today is a global leader of a new publishing model we call “New Print” – a strategy that GfK Research found has a 120% ROI.

Leveraging ultra-premium print quality ($9.99 per issue), a multi-channel digital distribution strategy, and our growing list of global event partners, we ensure our award-winning content and our advertising partners get in front of the largest possible audience.

A few highlights include:

  • 68k impressions per issue (every two months)
  • 4-to-1 pass along readership
  • National newsstand rollout
  • Print subscribers and direct mail
  • 150k digital downloads/subscribers per issue
  • Major digital newsstands, event partners, and affiliate distribution
  • Total readership minimum guaranteed 1.2 million per year including print, digital,
    and on-site distribution.
  • Website & Newsletter impressions of 500k per year through subscribers and page visitors.

National Retail Outlets

Digital Delivery Platforms

Media Partnerships

Inside Residential Tech Today

Our Magazine

Residential Tech Today merges the news and best practices industry leaders need to be competitive with the innovator profiles, exclusive interviews, and new tech consumers crave. The recurring sections include:

  • Tech Innovations
  • Innovator Profiles
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Home Theater
  • Events & Conferences
  • DIY
  • Product Revolution
  • Career Education Training
  • High-End Audio
  • Outdoor Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Connected Cars
  • IoT and AI Developments
  • Green Tech Advancements
  • Art & Tech
  • Security

Our Audience By the Numbers

We are a B2B, high-end B2C publication for smart home professionals – integrators, manufacturers, service providers, investors, etc. – and enthusiasts looking to stay ahead of the market.

Our readers are educated, have disposable income, and care about technological advancement, business best practices, sustainability, and other important considerations.

Average Household Income


Residential Tech Today Reader Age Ranges

18-34 = 42%
35-54 = 51%

ResTech Today Demographics

  • Male
  • Female

November/December 2020

Faster Mobile Internet. 5G technology is the next generation of wireless communications. It is expected to provide internet connections that are least 40 times faster than 4G LTE. The introduction of 5G holds many promises in the world of technology, particularly related to to self-driving vehicles. Find out how it will impact home technology in the near future.


Materials Close Date: 11/10/20

January/February 2021

Privacy and Security Matters. There are more internet-connected devices in the home than ever before, which adds remote control conveniences and efficiencies but also potential privacy mistakes and security breaches. Find out how home networks can be protected and what lessons can be learned from prior incidents.


Materials Close Date: 12/15/20

March–April 2021

The Evolution of Video: Video resolution improvements never stop. As soon as 4K was announced, many were already asking for 8K. What’s the latest state of the art and where should we look for the next big technical development?


Materials Close Date: 2/15/21

May-June 2021

The Commercial Crossover: With lines between the home and corporate office more blurred than ever before, how are corporate offices environments reflecting the same technologies found in the most advanced intelligent homes and vice versa? What other light commercial environments are still viable installation opportunities in the global pandemic era?


Materials Close Date: 4/15/21

July-August 2021

Powering the Smart Home: On the verge of hurricane season, the electrical infrastructure of the home is more complicated than it used to be, with line noise, grounding challenges, and complications to the way power distribution and routing can be tackled according to the National Electrical Code. How can we protect the smart home with surge protection and power backup systems?


Materials Close Date: 6/15/21

September-October 2021

The Network Ecosphere: Now, more than ever, it’s essential that home networks provide both wired and wireless accommodations to create the best service for the end-user customer as an increasing number of intelligent devices are added every year.


Materials Close Date: 8/15/21

November-December 2021

Healthy Home: New technologies and better science are finding ways to help homeowners from all economic strata live in environments with cleaner air and water and more natural lighting. Find out what opportunities exist single-family and multi-family homes, and how technology integrators and forward-looking architects are leading the way.


Materials Close Date: 10/15/21

Explore our November/December 2019 Issue

Rates & Services

Tap Into Our Advertising & Media Services

Residential Tech Today specializes in something we call “New Print,” which refers to our multifaceted print, digital, and event-based distribution strategy.

When you partner with us, you are partnering with an experienced, skilled media partner who knows how to build an audience, increase impressions, and elevate our partners to the top of our readers’ minds.

Pre-discounted Packages - Limited Availability


Only $35,800 NET

  • Six full page ads inside Residential Tech Today (print and digital editions)
  • Twelve months of banner ads on
  • Twelve newsletter banner ads
  • Twelve months social media collaboration
  • Six podcast sponsorships
  • Premium B2B directory listing for one year on
  • Six direct email blasts to our subscriber base
  • Ongoing online editorial consideration for
  • Six product reviews in print and online
  • Unlimited digital distribution rights for each issue
  • ONE section sponsorship per issue subject to availability
  • Up to 100 copies of publication. More available on request

As opposed to open rate card of $87,450 NET


Only $11,950 NET

  • Premium B2B directory listing for one year on
  • Four direct email blasts to our subscriber base
  • Eight months banner ads on
  • Four podcast sponsorships
  • Eight newsletter banner ads
  • Two sponsored content pieces on
  • One online interview / product feature to be shared through Social media and newsletter
  • Ongoing online editorial consideration for
  • Eight months social media collaboration

As opposed to open rate card of $22,300 NET


Only $7,500 NET

  • Three full page ads –Nov/Dec. 2020, Jan/Feb. And Mar/April 2021 issues (Print and Digital)
  • Six month Premium Directory Business Directory
  • Six months of banner ads on
  • Two podcast sponsorships
  • Online Editorial Consideration
  • Unlimited digital distribution rights for each issue
  • Upgrade to Three Double page Spreads for only $4,500 more = $12,000 NET

As opposed to $30,000 NET Rate Card

Á la Carte Pricing

Ultra-Premium Print Magazines

Advertise in a magazine that represents the highest print quality available – award-winning editorial, 50 lb cardstock glossy cover, perfect bound, and advertisements from only the most innovative brands.

Our ad sizes and rates include:

  • Full Page – $7,500
  • Double Page Spread – $12,000
  • Half Page – $4,500
  • 1/6 Page – $825
  • Outside Back Cover – $19,950
  • Inside Front Cover – $14,950
  • Inside Back Cover – $10,750
  • Table of Contents – $8,950

Talk to a representative about our bulk discounts!

Native Advertising

An example of native advertising is on the left in the image above.

Increase engagement with your advertising by creating (or having us create) a native ad. These ads are thought leadership and best practice articles that feel like a natural part of the magazine. Whether you write it yourself or one of our specialists writes it for you, this is an opportunity to share your company’s vision with our readers.

We offer two native advertising options:

  • Native Advertising (Created by You) – $5,000
  • Native Advertising (Created by Our Team) – $6,500

*No more than 500 words per ad. All native ads will be designated as “Paid Content”. Native advertising produced by our team will align to our editorial standards – i.e., it’ll be thought leadership, not a sales pitch.

Section Sponsorships

The section sponsor is in the top left corner next to the section title.

Want to be associated with a full section of our magazine, such as our sections dedicated to Audio, Home Theater, or Outdoor Tech? Become a section sponsor and get your logo on every page of that section.

Section sponsorships are $1,500 and are only available in addition to a Full Page Ad or larger.

Event Onsite Activation

As media partners with major trade events – including CEDIA, CES, and Greenbuild – we’re uniquely able to boost the impressions of our magazine (and our partners) with the movers and shakers in the industry. We pull out all the stops with gorilla marketing strategies that ensure conference-wide buzz and that our partners can break through the chaos.

Cost: $3,500 per event

Online Native Ad

Designed to look like an editorial piece, but self promotional piece encouraging your services. 

Cost: $3,500

Residential Tech Talks Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsorship of our podcast, Residential Tech Talks. Logo appearance and 30 second commercial slot.

Cost: $750 per episode

Direct Email Blasts

Interested in sending a message to directly our email subscriber base of 9,000 active subscribers?

Cost: $1,500 per send

Exclusive Product Deal Of The Week

Newsletter campaign/social promotion and product featured in online store.

Cost: $1,500

Digital Banner Ads

Advertise on our website for one month with a banner ad on our home page and increase the eyeballs on your company’s promotions and creative.

Cost: $500 for one month

Newsletter Banner Ads

Want to get your ad in front of our audience in a more personalized and targeted way? Purchase a spot in our weekly Restech Review newsletter.

Cost: $500 per send  / Ask about our bulk discounts.

Social Media Promotion

Boost the impact of your advertisements by having us send your creative and messaging out via our social channels – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • 1 Post per Month (All Channels) – $500
  • 3 Posts per Month (All Channels) – $1,250

Ask about Custom Publishing, Agency Services, Brand Ambassadors,and Product Placement in major motion pictures and music videos.

Print Specifications

Full Page

Downloadable diagram and templates available. See below.

Trim: 8.375″ x 10.875″
Bleed: 8.875” x 11.375″
Extend artwork .25″ past trim on all 4 sides
Live Area: 7.875″ x 10.375″ (for type safety)

Keep all pertinent text & imagery within this space. 1/4” inside the trim area

Double Page Spread

Trim: 16.75″ x 10.875″
Bleed: 17.25″ x 11.375″
Extend artwork .25″ past trim on all 4 sides.
Live Area: 16.25″ x 10.375″ (for type safety)
Gutter: 1” center, no text

Half Page

Size: 7.875″ x 5″

Contain within .5 border if needed – no bleed

1/6 Page (Gift Guide)

Size: Horizontal: 5″ x 2.5″ //  Vertical: 2.5″ x 5″

Floating ads – no bleed

Full page templates

File Requirements - Print

PLEASE DO NOT include any printer’s marks (crops, registration, or color bars).

Please ensure your files have .25″ bleed on ALL sides

Preferred File Format: Press Ready High Resolution PDF

Resolution: 300 DPI

Color Format: CMYK only

Quality: Maximum / Compress text & line art / All fonts embedded

Other File Formats Accepted:
High Resolution, unlayered TIFF
Resolution: 300 dpi  Color: CMYK, process

File Submission

For files under 10MB, please email advertisement to:

For files greater than 10MB, please send using Drop Box, Google Drive or other digital file delivery method.

Digital Specifications

Banner Ad -- 728px x 90px

Banner Ad -- 300px x 250px

File Requirements

Resolution: 72dpi
Color: RGB
Format: GIF, JPG, PNG
Max file size: 200 kb

Remember be sure to include the proper URL the  advertisement should direct to.

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