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The Winter 2021 issue of Residential Tech Today catches up with larger-than-life movie star, Dave Bautista, to talk not only about his time as a wrestling champion and tech interests, as well as upcoming projects like Dune, See, and Army of the Dead. The issue also includes insights into finding technology for the “interim new normal” and how home office veterans can improve the audio on their web conferences.

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This issue includes:

  • Roku is the Swiss army knife of streamers.
  • Chromecast with Google TV is a complete overhaul from previous models.
  • A profile of technology innovator Scott Newnam of Audio Advice in North Carolina
  • Common misconceptions about 5G, what the reality is, and if it’s time to get that new phone.
  • How an all-in-one unit powers and protects a Mickey Mouse-themed residential theater.
  • And Much More!

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