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Residential Tech Today Issue 1 for 2022 features an interview with Spotify’s former “head of rock” Allison Hagendorf who chose a backyard sound system for her new Southern California home with audio quality worthy of her rock star friends. The issue also provides insights into the latest version of HDMI, which includes a feature that hard-core gamers will appreciate the most; what you need to know about the new over-the-air TV standard for 4K and HDR video; and more technology improvements to look for in your next TV purchase.
Also included:
  • The evolving market for telehealth and virtual care
  • The best options for hiding technology in a home
  • An assessment of KLH Model Five floorstanding loudspeakers
  • Tongue-in-Cheek 2022 Tech & Media Predictions
  • And much more!

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