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Read Our September/October 2019 Issue

In the September/October 2019 issue of Residential Tech Today, find out about entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s pursuit of the next big technology innovation, learn what products a professional technologist installed in her own home, and discover how available voice control platforms continue an evolution toward inevitable ubiquity.

This issue includes:

  • Mark Cuban’s unique perspective on smart home technology, including voice tech, video streaming, and custom integration.
  • CEDIA Keynote Speaker Luke Williams detailing his numerous patents and opines on the internet of things
  • An in-depth look at the evolution of voice control
  • How New Yorkers are battling sun glare with motorized window treatments
  • An engaging discussion with DSI Technology owner Eric Thies
  • A comedic article on regrettable decisions by tech companies
  • The stats that reflect how much time we spend on the internet as well as rankings of mobile internet speeds worldwide
  • And so much more

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