On this week’s podcast, Matt Bernath joins us from Anaheim Hills, CA, where he is owner and president of VITAL, the custom integration-centric business coaching and software company. Founded by industry veterans Paul Starkey and Steven Firzst, VITAL collaborates and guides CI business owners by using business metrics, benchmarking, best practice sharing, and business coaching to grow profitably. Although VITAL has coached more than 300 companies, it is perhaps best known for pulling together a cooperative of 15 custom integration companies, naming them the Bravas Group, helping them centralize business operations, and then negotiating their purchase to a private equity investment company. Almost exactly a year ago, our guest today moved from his role as a VITAL coach to owner and president, laying out several goals for the company. Today, we’ll get a report on year one from Matt and learn more about how he got to where he is today.

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