On this week’s podcast, Blake Richetta joins us from Santa Monica, CA, where he is chairman and CEO of sonnen, the global energy storage company. Sonnen was founded in 2010, in a small town in Southern Germany, its founders driven by the desire to create a clean and affordable energy future for everyone through their sonnenBatterie. At a time when solar energy was only fed into the grid, they created a system that allows households to store and consume their self-generated energy, day and night. Today, the company, which has been a subsidiary of Shell since 2019, is a global leader in energy storage solutions with offices in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, and the US. Our guest today, whose career includes stints at Lutron and Tesla, joined sonnen six years ago as VP of sales, quickly moving up the ranks to senior vice president and now chairman and CEO. He’s here today to discuss his career, the latest energy storage developments, and the business opportunities that are available to custom integrators interested in working with sonnen (and other innovators) toward the energy transition.

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