On this week’s podcast, Jeff Shaw joins us from Petaluma, CA, where he is vice president of product management for Nice North America. Jeremy and met a year ago at this time, when Nice welcomed members of the trade media to their U.S. headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, to meet the team and learn about their product direction. At that time, Nice announced its plan to sunset the ELAN, SpeakerCraft, and Panamax product names. This year their focus is less about rebranding, and more about new products. Shaw provides us with an update on a new remote control that will soon begin shipping and remind us about the June 2023 OS 8.8 software update for Nice Control, the July announcement of Nice Custom Smart Sun Shades, this month’s audio solutions from what had been the SpeakerCraft line.

Today’s episode of Residential Tech Talks is brought to you Nice, a global manufacturer of smart home, security, and building automation solutions. Nice is bringing together 30 years of innovation with award-winning products from ELAN, SpeakerCraft, and Panamax, to create a holistic ecosystem for builders, integrators, and consumers. Learn more about how you can create One Home with One Solution at go.niceforyou.com/rtt.  

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